Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hairstyle for halter wedding gown?

I am wearing a halter gown from the new alfred angelo styles. Should I wear my hair half up or a total updo. If so, how should I do it. I am petite, if that makes a difference.

Hairstyle for halter wedding gown?

i think u should go with an updo with some of ur hair hanging down.

that way itll show of ur neck line and also.

i find that halters go good with a good updo

Hairstyle for halter wedding gown?

wear it up in curls with like a few curls hanging down.. and would be really cute with like a little flower in your hair

Hairstyle for halter wedding gown?

You should do your hair in a manner that makes you feel wonderful while wearing it. If it's going to be hot outside, perhaps an updo is in order. Cool breezes? Half updo.

Ultimately, it's all up to you.

Practice wearing different hairdos in the upcoming weeks. Wear a halter top. See how you feel. Listen to comments if there are any. Then decide for yourself.

An updo with strands of hair hanging down curled or otherwise looks quite feminine.

It works too, in that as the day wears on, so does the do.

Congrats. And Good luck.

Hairstyle for halter wedding gown?

I would do a total up do. Maybe a nice bun.


Hairstyle for halter wedding gown?

Hi there, i was married last year and had a halter dress. i had my hair completely up, with one wedding flower in back and curls falling aroundmy face.

I did not want the foccus taken from my face or dress.

I also had a 'choker?' necklace.

im more than happy to send you pics for ideas.

MSG me your email and i will send you some pics


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